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Venom was suprising short on Venom
By Goldie Fatale
Posted on 10/14/2018 9:38 PM

I'm not a comic book fan. While I get invites to films that aren't horror films, and I'll review them..make no mistake my knowledge of film and genera love is horror. So, i went to go see Venom becasue the story about an alien that attaches itself to a human and then eats people sounded..BADASS. I mean all summer I kept seeing trailers and posters that let me believe I might be going to a comic book film but it was at least one about a seriously bad dude. I even gave the pg-13 rating the benefit of the doubt, after all there have been good horror films that have had PG-13 ratings. Allow me to emphatically stat that, unfortunately, it really hard to make a film about a bad guy that eats people without R level gore. Every time the camera panned away from the blood of a head being torn off, I have to embarrassingly admit I thought, WHAT, I NEED TO SEE THIS! Not to mention the film is at least 30 minutes or more in before we even get to see our lead bad guy, which is fairly problematic.

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In Venom, Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist with what seems to be either a YouTube or TMZ type show where he takes down bad guys through the news. Eddie is assigned to do a puff piece on the head of The Life Foundation, Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), a megalomaniacal tech tycoon. Eddie knows something is up and despite warnings from his boss, he intends to prove it. His fiancée Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) works at a law firm that represents Drake’s foundation, and he breaks into her computer to find incriminating evidence that he uses during the interview. Drake then has both him and his fiance fired. His fiance then leaves him. With nothing left to lose he decides to help Dr. Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate) when she reaches out for help to take down the corrupt Drake. It seems Drake who’s been trying to mix humans with a number of alien life forms called symbiotes, that his team found during a trek into space. Eddie's investigation into Drakes lab leaves him infected by a symbiote that eventually introduces itself to him as Venom. Whew, like I said was about 40 minutes before we even get to the good part of the story.

Nobody went to Venom to see 40 minutes of set up. Eddie doesn't get to spend enough time in the film bonding with the symbiote to make me believe that the two would come to like and trust each other. A film that was made out to be a bit of a horror comic book film was disappointingly without any horror, gore or tension. Hell, I would have at least liked to have seen Venom  committing more random acts of violence. The film wasn't a bad move. I didn't feel completely cheated out of ten dollars. Tom Hardys was great at creating his character Eddie Brock. The film once it found its flow, was interesting. However it ne4ver reached the level of what it could have been. Next time, for Venom two, I suggest less set up and more eating skulls.